Velina Ivanova

Experience in sales for over 10 years.

From 07/2008 – 07.2018  works intensively with clients.

Passed training for sales and financial services.

Experience in the field of credit services in several financial institutions.

Does the lowest interest rate on House Credit provide us the cheapest price?

• The ultimate cost, which includes all credit costs, is most significant – it is possible that at a higher interest rate you have a cheaper credit
• The annual percentage rate of charge – does not always include all credit costs (for example, Life insurance /
• Depending on the term of the credit, the cost is different
• Early or Annuity installments – with the same credit structure, the final cost is also different
• Besides the interest on the credit, additional fees, commissions, insurance, and other payments are due – Your Creditchoice consultant will provide you with a detailed comparative analysis

For a detailed consultation on this topic, contact your Credit Consultant.

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