Necessary documents

The exact list of documents and the required forms to fill in will be provided by your credit consultant as required by your chosen bank.

The consultation and all of the services for preparing the credit application documents are completely free of charge for Creditchoice’s customers.

Each bank has specific requirements as well as its own application forms for credit. Most often they include:

Documents proving identity and income

  • a copy of an identity document (ID card or other)
  • an official note of monthly income issued by the employer, as per the model of the bank
  • a copy of the employment contract, if required by the bank
  • a copy of a civil (or other) contract, tax returns, bills, tax documents, etc. – in the case of proving income under a non-working contract
  • registration documents and company accounts, documents for taxes paid and others by the bulgarian standard. – when proving income from a corporate activity
  • and other documents depending on the specificity of the income that needs to be proven


For a mortgage credit

In addition to the documents already listed, you need:

Documents of civil status and lack of public obligations to the borrower and the owners of the property

  • a copy of the identity documents of the property owners(ID card or other)
  • certificate for lack of tax liabilities under Art. 87 para. 6 of the TIPC on the name of the mortgage takers – issued by the NRA by place of residence
  • certificate of the marital status of the borrowers and the owners of the property, subject to collateral

Documents certifying the ownership of the property

  • a notary deed or other document proving ownership of the property
  • in the case of hereditary properties – certificate of inheritance and documents certifying the right of ownership
  • a preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of the purchased real estate and documents for advance payments paid on it (if the credit is intended for home purchase)
  • actual tax assessment of the property that will serve as collateral for the credit – issued by the relevant tax office at the location of the property
  • a certificate from the relevant Regional Agency of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre for the existence or absence of entries in the cadastral map and the cadastral registers of the property to be mortgaged
  • a current sketch of the property that will be mortgaged in favor of the bank – only when the property is purchased with land included or ideal parts of terrain
  • a certificate of the presence or absence of real burdens on the property that will be mortgaged (including land/yard) in the last 10 years
  • certificate for commissioning exploitation of the property to be mortgaged (Permission for use, issued by the respective municipality according to the location of the property, respectively by DNSK, in case the property is purchased in the “rough construction” stage)
  • market valuation of the property prepared by an independent licensed appraiser or a valuer of the selected bank
  • when buying from a construction company: protocol decision of the competent authority of the company for the sale of the property, specified therein selling price; a company contract and a certificate of good standing of the construction company
  • and other documents depending on the specifics of the property and the requirements of the bank you choose