CreditChoise ltd. is a registered credit intermediary under the Consumer Credit Law (ACFA) and in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, implementing the 2014/07 directive of the European Parliament. The law is in the interest of the client and aims at a more transparent, efficient and competitive mortgage credit market.

Our company specializes in credit consultancy covering all credit products for individuals and legal entities (small and medium enterprises) – consumer, mortgage и corporate credits. Credit consultants also consult on all products accompanying the credit.

Our mission is an objective comparison of bank credit offers, from which the client makes the best choice for his needs – FOR US THE WORK, FOR YOU THE BENEFITS.

Nowadays, the most expensive resource is time. We save our customers’ time by comparing the numerous offerings and conditions of our partners – the banks. High awareness and good comparison will ensure future borrower certainty and good credit pricing.

Taking credit, especially mortgage is one of the most important life decisions. Our credit consultants will help you make a well-informed choice with the best possible conditions.

Our desire is to be a long-term partner for our clients. We will be with you when choosing a creditor bank, as well as when it is necessary to watch over the terms of the credit and the possible improvement, refinancing and additional financing.

Our team is composed of long-time bank employees specializing in mortgage and consumer credits. Our credit consultants have already served hundreds of clients.

Credit Choice does not products of its own. We connect our partners – the banks and the customers by providing the customer with a choice between objectively compared by us bank credit offers.

Maria Georgieva



Diana Condeva

Deputy manager


Spaska Petkova

Chief Accountant


Sylvia Tannina

Credit consultant


Aneta Dimitrova

Credit consultant


Velina Ivanova

Credit consultant


Vesela Georgieva

Credit consultant


Nadezhda Dimitrova

Real Estate Consultant